Monday, 23 February 2015

Kirtan at Living Yoga, Johannesburg

I was honoured to be invited to take part in leading Kirtan in Johannesburg at Living Yoga last Sunday - along with Swami Yoga Sagar (Guitar and vocals), Gidon (Guitar), Jo Gibbon (Harmonium and vocals) and Paul Boyter (Percussion and vocals).

We had a lovely turn out and I am super excited to see how Kirtan and the love of divine music is growing in South Africa.

Videos will follow on Facebook and You Tube.
Much love, Sarab Deva x

Friday, 30 January 2015

I have returned!

Greetings to all you magnificent beings!

After a much needed hiatus, I have returned to the universal angelic realms that my name makes mention of ;0)

However in order for things to percolate on a creative level, I needed to afford my left brain hemisphere some space and attention. I'm studying a Masters in Psychiatry which keeps my one foot in Science-ville while the other is free to stomp around bhav-land.

There is much to look forward to now, musically and event wise.

Last night I performed in Cape Town at the Conscious Dance Event. We danced wildly for around 2 hours high on nothing but filtered water, raw cocao shots and great tunes.  Absolutely loved it!!

I serenaded everyone in savansana at the end with some sacred mantras.

A great night was had by all!  This will be a monthly event - make sure you don't miss out:

End of February I will be Johannesburg, so please keep an eye on my facebook page for details on upcoming events!

Sarab Deva x

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Why I promised myself never to write another sad song ever again!

People often ask me what led to my transition from singing popular music, to the spiritual music I now produce, which is centered mostly around sanskrit mantras and positive messages of healing. I had a few reasons at the time, but the one that stuck out the most for me was related to the mind and how it works.

I ran a hypnotherapy practice in London for close on five years. I used many tools such as coaching, NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and hypnosis to enable people to enhance their performance, shift patterns and heal themselves. Through my experience of working with thousands of clients in this way, I came to deeply understand the power of the spoken word partnered with the unconscious mind and how when in a very relaxed state one could easily pick up overt as well as subliminal messages positive and not so positive.  Over time, these messages would certainly become part of the infrastructure of that individual's inner world. 

Hence the old adage " You become what you focus on" but additionally I like to add " and you also become what you immerse yourself in".

Interestingly, much of the programming that adults, teenagers and now even children receive, comes through advertising and of course through the lyrics of popular music which they hear every day on radio and television - and the constant repetition thereof. This kind of repetition is a major tool of the advertising industry as it suits the nature of these channels, which we will all agree, is with a view to generating bigger and better sales.  However, is it always wise to conclude that the advertising industry has the best interests of the consumer at heart? And would you knowingly hand your 'mind' over to them, considering what drives their marketing strategies?

Food for thought and perhaps the subject of a note for the future, however, let's direct our attention back to the mind for now. 

Have you ever had an ear worm? A song that gets stuck on repeat in your head and becomes an annoying internal replay for hours, sometimes days at a time?  The influential power of music to imprint on and affect the human nervous system and neural pathways of the brain is largely underestimated and under researched.  Not only are we visual creatures but our next most valued information input modality is sound.  In fact, often you will be sure to hear something long before you see it coming.

NLP is one of the easiest and most widespread methods of persuasion, especially for those not aware of its effect on the mind. Familiar things require less effort to process and that feeling of ease unconsciously signals a sort of 'truth', often called 'cognitive fluency'. Basically what you have heard before makes it easier to believe the more often you hear it. 

This fluency allows effortless thinking, because when you are thinking about something that is easy to process, you will tend to reason quickly and effortlessly. This isn’t necessarily a good or a bad thing, but one standard effect of human nature.  This kind of automatic thinking means that we tend to go for the default option or what we already know. 

Consider how you were taught to study at school, and the little tricks you used to remember things. Acronyms and other words games gave your mind the opportunity to connect short easy phrases with letters and words that were easy to remember.  And then you had to just keep repeating it to yourself until it stuck!

Is it just me getting old, or is much of popular music these days quite repetitive?  Take for instance the following example on Nicky Manaj's track 'Stupid Hoe'.

The Chorus or "Hook" as it's called in popular music, goes like this:

You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe [x3]
You a stupid hoe, (yeah) you a, you a stupid hoe
You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe (stupid, stupid)
You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe (you stupid, stupid)
You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe (you stupid, stupid)
You a stupid hoe, (yeah) you a, you a stupid hoe (you stupid, stupid)


Short easy sentences that create a platform for easy memory retention. Hence these sentences become almost like mantras or affirmations for the mind.  These kinds of lyrics initiate that part of the brain that operates below the level of conscious awareness, because those lines are quick, effortless and automatic.  Even more reason for a songwriter with any ethics who is going to create simple lyrics in music, to pick their message carefully. 

Now I certainly do not advocate dogmatism of any sort and I certainly  know for sure that this is not an accurate representation of all popular music out there. There are definitely some beautiful pieces of music and lyrics out there that are uplifting and which give people a sense of hope and inspired motivation with their messages. However even a sad song that outlines the end of a relationship perhaps, and that heartbreak for instance - or something deep that people can relate to - those words and the feelings they illicit will keep bringing people back into that set of traumatic memories every time they hear it. The body will always release the same signature of chemicals into the body so that it feels as though you are reliving that experience. Powerful enough to illicit memories that will make you cry, make you laugh, and for some it will revert them back into victim mode!  Would you believe that those chemicals can become quite addictive! People who are apparently addicted to drama are really addicted to the adrenaline that is released into the bloodstream then the drama occurs.

Then, if repeated enough, those electrical impulses in the brain will become the default for that person's behavior patterns. 

Because music enables subliminal messaging to pass into the unconscious mind far more easily, as a musician, and later a yogi, I began to recognise that I have a great responsibility to guard the safety of those minds that entrust themselves to my music!

Another point worth considering was that I would be programming my own mind every time I sang one of my songs!  Every one of my songs that I repeat becomes my personal mantra.  I noticed this because almost seven years later, the things I had written about in songs from my commercial music career, were still happening to me! I realised that I was perpetuating that reality everytime I sang it with all my heart, and that I alone was responsible for creating my future!

So I made myself a promise about 4 years ago that I would never write another sad or depressing song. It was a real challenge in the beginning! For most artists that feeling of misery can be very inspiring!!

So keep it positive and make sure that the music you listen to will serve to generate the reality you want...not the reality you wish to let go of. Consider what you are filling your mind with the next time you switch on the radio or TV and make sure you are immersing yourself in the sounds and pictures that will serve to empower you, not to break you down or keep you trapped in a pattern of victimhood.

Sarab Deva x

Monday, 28 April 2014

Spiritfest in Cape Town, WRPI, and my new website!!

Greetings from New York City!

It's Springtime in the city, the trees are blossoming and albeit a bit chilly, New York City is alive with all kinds of birds and plant life.

And just as new life has sprung from the ground, so I am thrilled to tell you that my new website is now finally live!  It's been a long time coming, but we have now finished - hooray!!!

Please take a look at it here and feel free to share it with others :

Sarab Deva headlining at SpiritFest 2014

Last month I was in Cape Town and sang at Spiritfest 2014 with the talented Benny Young and Philipp Schardt.  We were promoting our new album 'Light of the Soul' which was recorded in Hamburg last November.

Benny Young, Sarab Deva and Philipp Schardt at SpiritFest 2014

Sarab Deva leading the Live Aquarian Sadhana at SpiritFest 2014

Since it's release in March this year, 'Light of the Soul' has been given significant airtime on WRPI which is an East Coast based radio station here in the USA.

Gary Goldberg is a well known proponent of Kirtan and sacred music in the USA with his live on air weekly music shows, 'In the Spirit' and 'Gary's Music Show'. Besides interviewing a variety of leading spiritual teachers and authors, his shows often feature new as well as the renown and well-loved Kirtan artists from around the world.

Gary wrote the following about my latest album:

"Sarab Deva's latest CD "Light of the Soul" is a wonderful addition to her mantra music. Beginning with the bouncy "Aad Guray Nameh," the eight songs on this CD bustle with aliveness and devotion. Sarab sings beautifully with the guitar playing joining in with the dance of sound. I love this CD and play it on my radio shows."

Gary Goldberg, "Gary's Music Show" and "In The Spirit" on

You can download 'Light of the Soul' here:

Next stop is LA and Shaktifest in Joshua Tree, California in May!!
Until then, much love and blessings for your practice.
Sarab Deva xx

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Cape Town, Dharma, Karma Yoga and my new album photo shoot!

Fond greetings to you all! I have been absent from this blog for a few weeks now to recharge my sorely depleted batteries. Last year was a phenomenal year and this New Year of the Horse promises to be even more productive and successful!

I say I've been resting, however I have not been completely inactive :)
This has been a time of self reflection, a time of working on myself more deeply.  A time to redefine who I am and what I have to give as a musician and a healer.

The last couple of months I have been chanting and giving my voice in service at two of the yoga studios here in Cape Town, Guru Ram Das and Yoga Life, often to raise money for children's charities but sometimes also just for the enjoyment of the practitioners in that class.
It feels good to give something back, especially after having had such a blessed year last year. And as with all things, balance must be maintained.  So my Karma Yoga practice is to practice living in service to others (not always an easy thing when one is trying to make a living, maintain a household and a relationship/family).

For me, my Dharma (my path) is clearly to give of myself through my music and my healing work.

Why not use the recent New Moon in Pisces energy (the sign of compassion) to do some self searching to discover what your Dharma might be and to discover how you may live in service to others?  Perhaps you have healing skills that you can offer to others in need at a reduced or at no cost just once a month. Perhaps you grow a surplus of tomatoes or herbs in your garden and can give some away to those who may not be able to afford organic produce. It may be that there are elderly people in your area that could do with a hot meal and a chat once a week...or just perhaps pick up a piece of litter now and again in respect for our beautiful planet :)

Last week I sang and chanted for a Seva Class at Yoga Life in Cape Town. This Seva class (attended on donation basis) was taught by the owner Dave Porter) and together we raised funds for an NGO called Lion Hearted Kids: where they provide free counselling and complimentary therapies for vulnerable children who have a history of trauma and abuse.

Seva Class and Kirtan at Yoga Life, Cape Town

I will also be doing some exciting things in the future with Lion Hearted Kids so please watch this space!!

The release of my fourth album (recorded live in Hamburg) was put on hold over Christmas and New Year until the production team were all back and ready to complete the project.

And so 'Light of the Soul' will be released this month.  We are just finalising the album cover now.

I had the wonderful privilege of working with the immensely talented photographer Oliver Sutton, a dear friend of ours while he was here in Cape Town.

Please check out his work here:

Usually based in London, Oliver has a pure and natural talent for finding beauty everywhere, and for generating fascination within the mundane lines, shapes and textures of the subject.  And as I watched Oliver in sweltering 35 degree heat climbing trees, stomping through thorn bushes and crouching in the dirt to get the perfect picture of me, I realised that being behind the camera is far more demanding than being in front of the camera. All I had to do was just stand there, be natural and look good!

Here are a couple of behind the scene snaps taken by Fabian, capturing Oliver and me at work.

March promises to be an exciting month with SpiritFest coming up and my Mystical Kirtan in Malmesbury next week.
Onward and upward - in Dharma and with love,
Sarab Deva xx

To find my music please go to:

Sunday, 8 December 2013

November in Berlin and Hamburg and my fourth album for 2013!

I am writing to you from Cape Town today, where I started my tour this year in April. We have been back for a few days now and have taken some much-needed ‘time out’.  I am so grateful that now I have more time to dedicate to my own daily yoga practice.  This is an essential part of being a teacher and a healer and believe it or not, a mantra singer! Yet my personal practice is often the part of my day that gets eaten up by traveling and taking care of others whenever we are on the road. So I’m glad to be at yoga almost every day now.

Wow, what an amazing eight months have come and gone.  So much achieved and such a journey and experience for me, and my (wonderfully supportive husband) Fabian.  And I am also grateful to all of you who followed, supported and cheered me on along the way.  It’s been fantastic to observe and experience just how many awakened people there are out there, and I have had the privilege of interacting with so many of you on my travels.  I have noticed that there is definitely a ‘shift’ of consciousness happening around the world, even in places and with people I would never have imagined it possible. And on a seriously positive note - I feel that this wave will continue to propagate into a tsunami of awareness that will sweep across the planet.  It already feels like it is happening.

All year while on tour, Fabian and I have exclusively stayed with people, which brought with it its own immense learning curve in tolerance, compassion and even more gratitude.  Over this time, I have really gotten to know myself better.  I have come to recognise that the more I know myself, the more I know about the world and the people in it. And yet strangely, the way I got to know myself was through my own interactions with all these new people who have now become friends.

When I last wrote my blog it was the night before my TV interview.  On the 18th of November, I was interviewed on Astro TV in Germany. I got to sing three of my own compositions and spoke about my album Uplifting Mantras for You, which is now being distributed by Silenzio Records, exclusively in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (Silenzio is Deva Premal’s record label and the biggest German Music Label for Spiritual Music).

I was interviewed in German, luckily Fabian was there to translate, because of my sparse knowledge of German (which is a very complex language to learn…yet it’s still on my bucket list).  I was told to keep my answers short so my words would be easy to translate…… but somehow I think Fabian added in a bit more information in his German answers than I gave, which is his acute sense for PR coming to the surface!

Here is a link to the interview:

That afternoon I left for Hamburg and went to stay at a friend’s house just outside the city where the recording of my new album would take place. I spent five inspiring days with some superbly talented musicians recording my yet to be titled fourth mantra album for 2013. It will be out soon so please watch this space!

Then I finished off the last part of my tour in Germany with a packed out kirtan at the Golden Temple Tee Haus in Hamburg before flying on to London and then on to sunny South Africa.

So that’s me, signing out for 2013, I wish you all a wonderful, calm, loving and relaxing festive season which starts around about now. Please watch my facebook pages for further developments and events in Cape Town:

With much love and blessings to you as always,

Sarab Deva

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Los Angles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York and the Remix Album is Finally Here!!!

Autumn has come and gone and now we are drifting into Winter in the Northern Hemisphere.  I have been on tour for seven months now and Summer is finally over. It was such a delight to feel the cool crispness in the air this Autumn and to see the leaves turning golden orange.  It is a constant reminder to us that nothing lasts forever and that the cycles of life, death and rebirth go on.

In October we were in Los Angeles where I chanted during Wahe Guru Khalsa's class at Golden Bridge Hollywood, at Naam Yoga in Santa Monica, at the Yogi Tree in North Hollywood and also at Power Yoga in Santa Monica.  I was in Las Vegas at the Grateful Yogi, with the lovely Ashley Wynn, and also in San Francisco where I chanted mantras in Berkeley.  We flew to New York and I had a lovely opportunity to offer a kirtan at Naam Yoga in New York.  They asked me to come back two more times while I was in town!!!

GoldenBridge, Hollywood

Grateful Yogi, Las Vegas

Naam Yoga, NYC

Sarab Deva and Fabian-ji in NYC

And some wonderful news; since July this year I have been working on getting a remix album together with the help of some great DJ/Producer talent from around the world, from DJ's from very diverse backgrounds, such as South America, Asia, Europe and of course Africa.
And finally after almost six months of hard work and organisation, I am happy to announce that "Uplifting Mantras Remixed" is finally ready and will be released on 
Monday the 18th of November on Bandcamp:

I just came home from the YogaCircle Kirtan in Berlin which was a wonderful success with almost 50 people present!! Going to bed to get some beauty sleep for tomorrow's interview.

With love and blessings,
Sarab Deva xxxx