Monday, 28 April 2014

Spiritfest in Cape Town, WRPI, and my new website!!

Greetings from New York City!

It's Springtime in the city, the trees are blossoming and albeit a bit chilly, New York City is alive with all kinds of birds and plant life.

And just as new life has sprung from the ground, so I am thrilled to tell you that my new website is now finally live!  It's been a long time coming, but we have now finished - hooray!!!

Please take a look at it here and feel free to share it with others :

Sarab Deva headlining at SpiritFest 2014

Last month I was in Cape Town and sang at Spiritfest 2014 with the talented Benny Young and Philipp Schardt.  We were promoting our new album 'Light of the Soul' which was recorded in Hamburg last November.

Benny Young, Sarab Deva and Philipp Schardt at SpiritFest 2014

Sarab Deva leading the Live Aquarian Sadhana at SpiritFest 2014

Since it's release in March this year, 'Light of the Soul' has been given significant airtime on WRPI which is an East Coast based radio station here in the USA.

Gary Goldberg is a well known proponent of Kirtan and sacred music in the USA with his live on air weekly music shows, 'In the Spirit' and 'Gary's Music Show'. Besides interviewing a variety of leading spiritual teachers and authors, his shows often feature new as well as the renown and well-loved Kirtan artists from around the world.

Gary wrote the following about my latest album:

"Sarab Deva's latest CD "Light of the Soul" is a wonderful addition to her mantra music. Beginning with the bouncy "Aad Guray Nameh," the eight songs on this CD bustle with aliveness and devotion. Sarab sings beautifully with the guitar playing joining in with the dance of sound. I love this CD and play it on my radio shows."

Gary Goldberg, "Gary's Music Show" and "In The Spirit" on

You can download 'Light of the Soul' here:

Next stop is LA and Shaktifest in Joshua Tree, California in May!!
Until then, much love and blessings for your practice.
Sarab Deva xx

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