Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Cape Town, Dharma, Karma Yoga and my new album photo shoot!

Fond greetings to you all! I have been absent from this blog for a few weeks now to recharge my sorely depleted batteries. Last year was a phenomenal year and this New Year of the Horse promises to be even more productive and successful!

I say I've been resting, however I have not been completely inactive :)
This has been a time of self reflection, a time of working on myself more deeply.  A time to redefine who I am and what I have to give as a musician and a healer.

The last couple of months I have been chanting and giving my voice in service at two of the yoga studios here in Cape Town, Guru Ram Das and Yoga Life, often to raise money for children's charities but sometimes also just for the enjoyment of the practitioners in that class.
It feels good to give something back, especially after having had such a blessed year last year. And as with all things, balance must be maintained.  So my Karma Yoga practice is to practice living in service to others (not always an easy thing when one is trying to make a living, maintain a household and a relationship/family).

For me, my Dharma (my path) is clearly to give of myself through my music and my healing work.

Why not use the recent New Moon in Pisces energy (the sign of compassion) to do some self searching to discover what your Dharma might be and to discover how you may live in service to others?  Perhaps you have healing skills that you can offer to others in need at a reduced or at no cost just once a month. Perhaps you grow a surplus of tomatoes or herbs in your garden and can give some away to those who may not be able to afford organic produce. It may be that there are elderly people in your area that could do with a hot meal and a chat once a week...or just perhaps pick up a piece of litter now and again in respect for our beautiful planet :)

Last week I sang and chanted for a Seva Class at Yoga Life in Cape Town. This Seva class (attended on donation basis) was taught by the owner Dave Porter) and together we raised funds for an NGO called Lion Hearted Kids: http://www.lionheartedkids.org where they provide free counselling and complimentary therapies for vulnerable children who have a history of trauma and abuse.

Seva Class and Kirtan at Yoga Life, Cape Town

I will also be doing some exciting things in the future with Lion Hearted Kids so please watch this space!! www.sarabdeva.com

The release of my fourth album (recorded live in Hamburg) was put on hold over Christmas and New Year until the production team were all back and ready to complete the project.

And so 'Light of the Soul' will be released this month.  We are just finalising the album cover now.

I had the wonderful privilege of working with the immensely talented photographer Oliver Sutton, a dear friend of ours while he was here in Cape Town.

Please check out his work here: http://www.oliversutton.net

Usually based in London, Oliver has a pure and natural talent for finding beauty everywhere, and for generating fascination within the mundane lines, shapes and textures of the subject.  And as I watched Oliver in sweltering 35 degree heat climbing trees, stomping through thorn bushes and crouching in the dirt to get the perfect picture of me, I realised that being behind the camera is far more demanding than being in front of the camera. All I had to do was just stand there, be natural and look good!

Here are a couple of behind the scene snaps taken by Fabian, capturing Oliver and me at work.

March promises to be an exciting month with SpiritFest coming up and my Mystical Kirtan in Malmesbury next week.
Onward and upward - in Dharma and with love,
Sarab Deva xx

To find my music please go to: www.sarabdeva.com

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