Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Spring Kundalini Yoga Festival and other adventures in South Africa

This year has been quite a whirlwind of events.  I released 2 albums (with more on the way) and have toured (so far) through Germany and the East and West Coast of the USA, and I have met some amazing new friends!  And now the adventure continues.....

If you have not heard my latest album release yet please go to:

In order to promote my new album, Aquarian Sadhana by the River, we flew to the beautiful Mother City of my homeland, Cape Town. It was so good to see the ocean, the mountain and all my friends again.   

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and Gurushabd Singh Khalsa were holding a Kundalini Teacher Training in conjunction with our dear friends at Guru Ram Das.  I was invited to lead chanting at the Sadhana (early morning class).  It was such an exquisite experience to chant mantras with new teachers in the making.

To those I missed this time; we will be back in December for four glorious months!  I am looking forward to settling down in one place to be calm and creative, before the Chinese Year of the Horse gallops in to carry us all away into even more new adventures around the world again :)

From Cape Town we flew up to Johannesburg, my old home town, to attend the Spring Kundalini Festival in the beautiful Magaliesburg. I was reminded of my love of the Highveld, of the old places I used to call home, of the craziness of Johannesburg and it's bright blue skies and brilliant sunshine in Wintertime.  However because I have changed, so have the places and people changed. It has been almost ten years since I left, and interestingly all the people seem to have changed for the better!!  

Chanting at Sadhana on a chilly Spring morning at the SKY Festival, Magaliesburg.

They say that when you change yourself, the people around you will change too....even those you may not have been able to connect with in the past. They will be different because you are different. What a wonderful lesson to learn first hand in my own home town!

I had the lovely opportunity to chant mantras and offer Kirtan at Ishta Yoga which is a beautiful yoga studio in Sandton:

Starting the Kirtan at Ishta with a short satsang

Leading the mantras

Tuning out

The beautiful garden of Ishta Yoga, with Koi Pond, Mandarin Ducks and a fierce white hunter!

He even allowed us to take his portrait

A big thank-you to Angela and Wendy for hosting us in their stunning space!!

I am writing to you now from Los Angeles. We arrived here a few days ago and have been getting over the jet-lag.  More exciting news on the way. 

Lots of love, 
Sarab Deva xxx

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