Monday, 1 July 2013

California Dreaming - San Francisco and San Luis Obispo

The last couple of weeks have been spent travelling and preparing for the coming months back in Europe and for our next trip to the States.  Since arriving in the US, we have not only met some truly fantastic people, but we also seem to have attracted some lovely little nuggets of good fortune!  And my guess is, that it must have something to do with the mantras!

For instance, on our first night in New York, we hailed down a taxi in the pouring rain, and the driver refused to let us pay him. Rather unusual for NYC.

Then in San Francisco, where free parking is really difficult to find, and metered parking is really expensive, we kept stumbling upon meters that had already been pre-paid for us.  We were also given a $57 parking ticket for not turning our wheels on an incline....I have never had to park on hills that steep before nor ever been given a parking ticket ...especially for not turning my wheels in a certain direction.  And so I was surprised to say the least!  Especially after I have gone to so much trouble to park correctly.  Amazingly however the traffic department waived the ticket because we were foreigners. In fact even today we spent what seemed like ages looking for a parking and as soon as I began to chant a mantra, the perfect parking appeared for us!  

Now obviously I am not saying that this should be the sole reason for chanting mantras.  They should be for expressing your devotion and heartfelt appreciation to the Universe/God/Goddess for giving you the blessing of life.  They should be chanted in a sacred context and with a sincere desire to grow/better yourself and to connect to your true path of Dharma.

However, the sideline benefits include a happier, healthier, calmer and more balanced approach to life, a smoother perhaps kinder experience of karma and in my case this must mean better parking options!!!

This weekend past I was blessed to be able to offer a kirtan in the Temple of the Yoga Society of San Francisco.  And luckily a talented tabla player who happens to live in the Ashram offered to support me.

Outside the Yoga Society of San Francisco

Brian preparing to play tablas with me in the Temple of the San Fran Yoga Society

We left for San Luis Obispo on Sunday at lunchtime (also known as the Happiest Place in the US) and offered a kirtan to a beautiful group of devotees at Bliss Cafe that evening.  They generated such a stunning energy with their voices and purity that we all felt as though we had been rocketed into outer space by the end for the kirtan. Wahe Guru!

Bliss Cafe, the lovely vegan cafe where we offered kirtan in San Luis Obispo

Quick sound check

Chanting devotion with heart!

Somehow it does feel like some guardian angel is looking out for us, and I take this as a reminder to be grateful everyday for every little nugget of good fortune we experience. So whether it's a new person supporting me by purchasing my album, someone emailing me to tell me how much my music has helped them, a stranger doing something kind for me, or me just finding a penny on the pavement, whenever anything like this happens I always take a few moments to deeply thank the Universe for these gifts and to be grateful.

Chanting Namyaho Renge Kyo from the Lotus Sutra enables the chanter to put their life in harmony or rhythm with the law of life, or Dharma. All things in the universe are a manifestation of this Mystic Law and if chanted daily this mantra will bring all of one's desires into reality so that one may achieve perfect enlightenment and true Buddhahood.

You can find this mantra here:

With love and blessings,
Sarab Deva xxx

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