Monday, 6 May 2013

Uplifting Mantras for Your Tour 2013: Cologne - A rose by any other name...

Uplifting Mantras for Your Tour 2013 

Cologne - A rose by any other name...

 We arrived in Westerwaldt after a seven hour drive from Berlin (where we've been camped out for the last week). Unfortunately I tend towards motion sickness, especially in a moving car, and so I have found the best thing to do on long drives is to sleep! 


I gave an impromptu kirtan out at a healing retreat in the stunning Southern German countryside. I didn't plug into anything electric, keeping it fully acoustic and organic. I love it when I can feel everyone tuning into the mantras, and the energy in the room was so calm and peaceful after the chanting. 

We arrived to some rather miserable cold wet weather that weekend in the South of Germany, and yet on the day of my official kirtan in Cologne (or Köln)
 the sun shone brightly and it seemed as if spring had arrived in full force. 
Dating back to 39 B.C. Cologne is Germany's oldest major city, and is situated on both sides of the River Rhine. Each city has its own energy, and from what I felt about Cologne, it was thoroughly European, well contained, clean and the people I saw walking around on that Sunday afternoon (who probably all smelt very good) were all immaculately dressed! (Unlike Berlin which is far more cosmopolitan and grainy).  

We held the kirtan at YES!YOGA which is a stunning new ashtanga yoga studio in the city centre 

It was great that we had a few people in the audience who had never experienced a kirtan before. I think it's wonderful that they decided to just take a chance and try something new on that sunny Sunday!  One gentleman came up to me afterwards and said that he was surprised at what feelings he experienced welling up in his heart while he was chanting along :)  Feedback like that really makes my day!!

So a BIG thank you to Maria at YES!YOGA for opening her beautiful space for our kirtan. 

And a special thank you to the two gorgeous ladies who traveled with us to Cologne and added some divine feminine energy to the mix (okay, so they are totally my groupies/
pom -pom girls, and I adore them for it!!)

And to my road crew - thank you all for your friendship and support :0) 

Our next Kirtan will be in Berlin this Saturday the 11th of May. 

 I'm super excited and looking forward to it.

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